3 Drones with an autonomy that you won’t believe

intelligent energy drone

Every year the autonomy of drones improve, it is like in the computer or smartphone world’s where we always keep an eye in the amount memory in GB.

In the drone world, the autonomy matters a lot. If we pay attention to the drone hobby space we can find drones like DJI Phantom 4 Pro or DJI Mavic Pro which offer great features and had exceeded the limit of 15 minutes of flight time.

Now that it is becoming common to have drones with 30 minutes of autonomy, we are going to show those drones that we have found which go beyond the limits.

This is our Top 3, it is an open post to your suggestions any new drones that we don’t know and deserve to be in this ranking.

Drone Quasar


quasar drone

The Drone Quasar has been designed by the company DroneTools. It is capable to flight under the rain, load up to 2Kg of payload and it has a max autonomy of 70 minutes.

Without any doubts, it is a great quadcopter that counts with RTK and DJI Autopilot A2.

Watch out how this drone behaves under winds of 22km/h and 1,2Kg of Payload. Video


Hydrogen fuel drone


intelligent energy drone

Batteries have their current limitation that is why the British company Intelligent Energy is exploring new solutions. They are experts in hydrogen power and have design a drone based on the DJI Matrice 100 platform with its source of power.

The drone has an autonomy that could go up to 2 hours and it’s recharging time is about minutes. Video





Hybrix by quaternium

The HYBRiX-20 is a drone ready to go beyond the limits. Designed by the Spanish company Quaternium, the HYBRIX-20 achieves up to 4 hours of flight time with its technology of petrol-electric quadcopter.

Thanks to its great hybrid technology, this drone suits great for commercial operations where the autonomy is an issue. It can load a payload up to 5 kg and have a cruise speed of 70km/h  Video


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